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Abortion is a medical procedure to end a pregnancy. There are two main ways on how to have an
abortion; medical or known as the abortion pill and surgical abortion. Medical abortion is mostly up to
nine weeks since your last period, whereas the surgical abortion is up to 23 weeks.
When talking about abortion, Ireland is a country that sees abortion as an illegal action which an
act like this can be punished with fourteen years of prison, for both the pregnant woman and the doctors
that helped her with the abortion. In a lot of cases, if you give any information for abortion to some other
people they can bid you to pay 4,000 euro. It is important to mention that even in most fatal cases such as
rape or any other impairment you cannot have an abortion. During the 2012, an Irish hospital used to deny
an abortion to Savita Halappanavar which was having life-threatening miscarriage in the 17 th week of her
pregnancy. Later on, Savita died of septicemia which made the internationals get angry because of such
laws taking place in Ireland. Savita was denied to have an abortion because abortion is against Irish
beliefs. In Ireland there are accounted that around 82.3% are Christians. In the hospital when Savita asked
for abortion they told her that “we live as a Christian country which does not allow abortion,” even though
Savita’s origin was from India.
Abortion has been the subject of debate and disagreement for many years. Utilitarianism theory is
the chief ethical theory that considers the concerns of an action as for our case of abortion. This theory can
best be placed for our example since it describes “an act can be right if it produces the greatest good for
the greatest number” (Anderson, 2004). This theory considers the Hedonic Calculus which was formulated
by Bentham. It evaluates the pleasure and pain produced by the moral actions. Such theory is mostly
focused on both of them; however it is important to maximize pleasure over pain. The views of Bentham
and Mill are important when demonstrating the effect of a Utilitarian method to abortion. However, the
version of Bentham for utilitarianism which is known as “Act Utilitarianism” is the most related theory for
abortion. His concept remains theological, using the result of an act to decide if it is good or bad.
Since abortion most of the time is considered as a personal matter, it seems that the theory of
utilitarianism if the right one to take into consideration because it looks at the concerns of the abortions
taking each of the steps into account. If for instance if a woman has been raped and now it is pregnant, she

can have the right to choose whether she goes ahead with the pregnancy or with abortion. Considering the
situation that she may go through stress on her family and on her life, abortion would bring to the woman
more pleasurable life, since she cannot live with the conception that may be attached to the child; in this
case rape. Thus, the principle of Bentham would be seen as the greatest pleasure to the greatest number. In
such approach, Bentham would use Hedonic Calculus designed to evaluate the pleasure and the pain in
order for him to come with the best choice. The purity of the pleasure on the other hand would be
considered if the action will bring less harm to the number of people. If a woman is having a child in a
young age, she could risk an education or any kind of profession she wants to pursue in her life.
Hedonic Calculus weighs the risks and the good things that decision has at the end of it. Deciding
to have an abortion because of your financial pressures, work, education or any other family needs, would
be justified from the Hedonic Calculus. So, abortion is not considered morally wrong if it produces the
greatest good to the greatest number. Bentham determined that the action which may produce best
consequences is the morally right option to go after. In this way, if a woman has any kind of a reason to
abort, she can weigh the pleasure and the pain. In this case abortion should be allowed if a woman wants.
Preference Utilitarianism is another method of utilitarianism, encouraged by Peter Singer which
define that an act like abortion is ethically right if it produces the most satisfactory ways for everyone that
are involved. In his book “Practical Ethics” Peter stated that abortion is considered morally right in any
kind of circumstances because since “no fetus is considered a person, no fetus has the equal claim to life
as a person” (Alcorn, 2010).The procedure of ending the pregnancy is acceptable since the fetus’s
existence is not the one that determines the value of life at all. On the other hand, the woman’s serious
happiness or interests would dominate the interests of the fetus.
In comparison with the other countries, Ireland as mentioned above is considered a country which
does not allow abortion. However, Netherlands on the other hand is a country which is listed low as per
abortion. The abortion rate in Netherlands varies among 5 to 7 out of 1000 women being a country with
the lowest abortion rate in the world. In Ireland when a woman wants to have an abortion, she might go
out in England or Wales to do it. Around 15,000 women travel to England and Wales since there is easier
to have an abortion rather than in their country (Sifferlin, 2016). However, if women cannot go out of their
country to have an abortion, they may use other ways to go through it. Usually women order pills online to
have a medicine abortion. In Netherlands there exists a non-profit group that deals with this issue. You can
order pills in their web called “Women on Web” and they can provide you with the pills to women that
live in countries that abortion is considered as an illegal action.

allowing abortion

Abortion should be legalized as it allows the woman the right to make her own choices about
whether she wants to have a child or not because of her age, career, economic reasons, rape, to prevent
mental or health issues and because of fetal impairment. It is not the right of anyone to decide for a
woman’s body on how to use her body, even though your beliefs. The fetus on the other hand is
considered with no self-awareness, so you are terminating a fetus and not a human. Unplanned
pregnancies would lead the mother to not love the child, thus the child would be neglected its whole life.
A woman’s right to have an abortion should be a “fundamental right.” The procedure of abortion is safe.
The risk that a woman may die during abortion is less than one in 100,000, whereas on the other hand the
risk of a woman dying while giving birth to her child is 13 deaths per 100,000. Abortion must be legal
because it is your choice and what you grow inside in your body must be your decision.

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