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Alexis Sanchez is a new Inter striker, who will pay the Chilean 5 million out of the 12 million salary. The Nerazzurri leadership is a real bargain. At least from an economic point of view, then it will be up to the field to give the technical response. We were talking about the 12 million net salary: five of them taken over by Suning, the rest will be paid by Manchester United, which will save something thanks to El Niño Maravilla. The latter, in fact, renounced € 500,000 to facilitate the immediate closure of the operation. On loan dry and without rights, given that Sanchez has another two-year contract with United at monstrous figures (12 million net per season) and for this reason, the agreement on the salary – in case of redemption – was still to be defined. Possible to work on a three-year basis, but maybe an English termination will be needed. Just as the ransom figures still danced a few million between the Nerazzurri proposal and English requests.

So many factors still at stake, too many. We will talk about it again in the spring when in Milan they hope to have enjoyed the rebirth of the former Arsenal player. A destiny that would make everyone happy, even from the parts of Old Trafford where they would save a heavy salary.

alexis sanchez to inter
Alexis Sanchez to Inter

There will be time and a way to deal with all these issues. Before leaving Manchester, Sanchez will have to sign the latest documents with the Red Devils. Small bureaucratic formalities. Appointment to shortly. Inter and Antonio Conte are waiting for him. With open arms.

The infectious enthusiasm that was generated in the Scala del Calcio before, during and after the first performance of Inter 2019-2020 is the result of a pact signed by all the parties that agreed that it was decided to change the weapons with which to go in war. This is the ‘dynamite’ mentioned by Conte on TV and in the conference after the first seasonal roar caused by Lukaku and his companions.

The explosion can be said under certain conditions, but meanwhile many of the ingredients of the preparation that could create a break in the club’s history are available there. In this time before the most long-awaited detonation of the Beneamata seasons, there is time to admire the fireworks that can give the last week of the transfer market: yesterday, not surprisingly, in Milan a certain Alexis Sanchez landed, the former Nino Maravilla who brings with him a nickname that goes perfectly with the context of enchantment that reigns on the Nerazzurri.

As already announced by Antonio Conte, coincidentally in Madrid, on the day of his announcement as Inter’s coach: “These memories are beautiful, the important thing is that we prepare ourselves to refresh them. Let’s go back to the glories of the past” “the promise – commitment made by the Leccese coach. At 6 pm he will discover his continental path that, regardless of the tortuosity, should not be an obstacle to the run-up launched in Serie A. Because – and here it is not to be surprised – Suning asked Conte to rewrite the national history but also the Fc International Milan world championship. Word, then, at the polls, then a look at the sky to admire the stars. For a few moments, from now ‘head down and pedaling’ or as Conte said originally in Italian, ‘testa bassa e pedalare’.

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