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Google released a line of new products, including a pair of premium wireless headphones. But they’re not your usual headphones.

They can support live translation between languages.

When the Google Pixel buds are paired with a new headset, the earbuds can tap into Google Assistant, and Google’s artificially intelligent voice-activated product.

Additionally to the 40-language-translation, Google Assitant can also offer user notifications, send text and give directions.

The translation feature can also be enchanted by saying “help me speak Spanish” or any other languages you wish to translate.

The controls, which include swiping controls to control the volume, are built into the right earbud.

“It’s really a tremendously incredible application of Google Translate powered by machine learning. It’s almost as having your very own personal translator all the time” Payne said.

Google's wireless headphone can translate languages on the fly

Another Google employee demonstrated a conversation between someone speaking Spanish and another responding in pure English.

During the said demonstration, one employee, speaking Spanish had the Pixel Buds and the Pixel phone by him.

When the phone was addressed in English, the earbuds translated the phrase into Spanish into his ear. The Spanish speaker then spoke in Spanish through the earbuds by pressing on the right bud to initiate the Google Assistant.

And of course, Google assistant translated that Spanish reply back into an English phrase, which was played through the phone’s speakers so the English speaker can fully understand.

While this idea might’ve sounded far-fetched, Google CEO Sunday Pichai told investors that Google Translate was set to make huge leaps in the upcoming years.

“We have improved our translation ability more in one single year than all our improvements over the last 10 years combined,” Pichai convinced the investors in a quarterly call after Alphabet reported mixed results.

The earbuds are available to buy for 159$.

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