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Most of us have tried soccer and failed miserably. But still, deep down, we want to be better. It’s only human nature to tend to be better at something. You’ve probably started the soccer practice because your Dad or your Uncle made you. But somehow, it got stuck to you and you keep on doing it. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to be better at soccer.

First steps in how to get better at soccer

Knowing the right fundamentals can be crucial to you getting better at soccer. It’s very important to know why these are going to help you and how. Then, when you’re practicing you’ll put use to them. These reps that we’re going to talk about in this article are the right way to help you get better. Just keep in mind that it’s not about winning the game, but winning your own battles. One of the keys to soccer is to not lose the ball! If you can complete more than 70% of your passes than you’re on the right track. And unless you’re the playmaker, your goal should be to never ever lose the ball. Most players who train alone know that the practice from the past week has a lot of impact on the field. If you want to improve you should either get a personal trainer or work with your friends or family. And, doing the right amount of reps is going to be the key to you being successful. If you’re working on precision passing then you should start off with simple tasks. Once you get that right, only then should you continue to more advanced maneuvers.

3 main elements to help you get better

Find a wall or a teammate to work on the fundamental and basic concepts of soccer. The 3 elements to focus on are passing, trapping and dribbling. Knowing how to do these three will make you feel much more comfortable and give you a self-esteem boost. It will also impact on you being a better defender because you’re comfortable around the ball. The thing that most coaches tend to leave behind is to how to keep you in good form. If you know how to do the three elements of soccer, but your form is low then you’re going to fail. You might want to practice using the inside, outside and sole of your foot. Don’t focus solely on the strong foot, try using your weak one too. And most importantly, prepare yourself for the game. You don’t want to keep getting put into situations where you’re not prepared and not comfortable at all. You will definitely come across times where you’re going to need both feet. This all starts with spending time with the ball at home. The practice doesn’t stop when the training is over! get better at soccer

Spend time doing simple things

There are a couple of skills and drills that are just plain better than the others. Interestingly enough, there are over 1000 different skills and most of them don’t even work in real life. Most of them are just tricks to make you look cool, and they don’t apply to real-life soccer. And if you focus on them, you’re going to miss out on a lot of great things that will come to use when you play. It’s really sad that many kids tend to lean on the “cool” part of soccer, not knowing how much they’re missing out. But that’s a different story. You should spend time doing simple things and getting good at them. Think about what you mess up on the field and start focusing there. Find what your weakness is and work on improving it, making it your strength. If you’re really good at passing with your left foot, you should start passing with your right one next. It’s only when you get a balance of both that makes you ready for any situation. If you’re the kind of person that really wants to know how to play soccer, you will not focus on doing tricks with the ball. You will keep it simple, and effective  

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