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The whole perception of human rights concedes that every human is allowed to enjoy her/his
rights regardless of what color they have, what religion, origin or political view. “Human rights
law” has guaranteed human rights such as protecting individuals from things that interfere in the
human dignity and basic freedoms (Resources for Speakers, 2011). Human rights are articulated
also in treaties, in the international law of customary, and in some other bases of law. The law of
human rights is important for the states as it obligates them to act in a specific way and forbids
States to be involved in any specified activities. Nevertheless, human rights are not established
through law. They are inherent rights that are originated to every single person as a result of
being human. “Human Rights were first expressed in 1948 in the United Nations “Universal
Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)” (Resources for Speakers, 2011). After the terrible
experiences that they had during the World War II and the Holocaust, and also among the
poverty that was dominating those times, many people required to make a document which
would have captured the aspirations, hopes and protections that every human being should have,
and to be sure that the humankind is going to be different from now on. Magna Carta is a Latin
word and the meaning of it is the “Great Charter”. This document was the most important one of
the Medieval England which was signed up in June 1215. The document was signed between
King John and the barons of Medieval England. The document was signed thanks to
unsuccessful taxes demands and to foreign policies, John the King of England was likely facing a
rebellion from the country’s potent barons. Under pressure, John settled to a charter of freedoms
that is known as the Great Charter or Magna Carta, this document was with written promises

between the king of England- John and his subjects that he had, the King John would govern the
people of England as stated by the customs of feudal rule. Barons used Magna Carta in order to
stop a king, in this situation it would be the King John, from abusing the King’s power with the
England’s people. A part of the land of France was owned from the England. The barons used to
provide the king with men and money in order to protect that territory (The History Leaning).
Before the king raised the taxes he always consulted with the barons since they had to do the
collection of them. All of this was part of the system of Feudal. As long as Kings were militarily
effective abroad, relationships with the barons in the other hand were good. However when John
came in he was not successful enough in his military from abroad. Barons used to get angry after
his constant request for having more men and more money. Through 1204, King John lost the
land that they had in the northern France. After this loss John decided to have high taxes but
without telling or asking the barons. This change was not in agreement with the feudal law( The
History Leaning). Therefore the document of Magna Carta brought up all 63 clauses. The first
one concerns the position that the Catholic Church had in England. Some other clauses concern
the legal system of the England. Magna Carta as a document guaranteed laws that were fair and
also good for the people. It is written that every human being should be able to have access to the
court therefore if anyone would want to take any problem to the court the money should not be a
problem for people. John had a conflict with the Church which in the end brought to his
excommunication. As Pope Innocent III was requiring the annulment of the documentation in
August 1215, this conflict was concluded to a baronial revolt that was still ongoing even after the
death of John in October 1216.

magna carta

After the King John did agree to the document of the Magna Carta, people of England did
agree that the queen or the king should not do anything they want; the king would also be obeyed
to the law. The Bill of Rights was approved on December 16, 1689; it is an act from the
Parliament of England. The Bill makes separation of the power, it would limit the power of the
queen and the king, it also supports the freedom to talk in the speeches, and also to have
democratic election. In England throughout the “Glorious Revolution of 1688”, the King James
II renounced and went away from the country. After that he was followed from his daughter
named Mary and her husband that was from Dutch; William, prince and princess of Orange.
Right before Mary and William were being announced King and Queen, they first should have to
agree to take the Bill of Rights. This document guaranteed the rights from people of England
right starting to the power of the crown. From the first provision of the document of the Bill, the
crown should not be included with the law. The queen or the king cannot act like judges or create
new courts of laws. Also in the second one is mentioned how the crown could not create taxes
that would be new for the state without first having the approval from their Parliament. If the
crown is going to have the approval for new taxes they would create them.
The Virginia Declaration of Rights 1776 is a document to announce the natural rights that
men had, together with the right to rebel over “inappropriate” government. This document also
influents some other documents later on as well as; “the Declaration of Independence of United
States (1776), the French Revolution’s Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
(1789) and also the United States of Bill of Rights (1789)” (Virginia Society). In some article
there was mentioned that all men are independent and free moreover they (men) can live a happy

In the other hand the Declaration of Independence is an establishment document of the
United States of America’s history. This document is included amongst one of the most
important ever that has ever been written in the history of America. We still today refer to the
Declaration of Independence as we remember the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Right after
the declaration was printed, it caused a global discussion on the legitimacy of the colonial rule
(Whipps, 2012). Some other countries used the US’s declaration as a form to face their struggles
that their state had for the independence, and also they used Jefferson as their figure in their
states. Jefferson predicted that the US’s independence would be a strong force that would
quickly make its own way throughout the globe (Whipps, 2012).

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