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The Fourteen Points of Wilson had the aim to revolutionize the international affairs between nations. It
hoped to achieve the peaceful settlement of conflicts by new diplomacy and new measures. He
proposed that all territories that were occupied to be evacuated. And that a disarmament process
should be initiated with Germany and Italy disarmed firstly. He proposed a program which would bring
the world to peace which was represented by his 14 points. The United Nations idea was first presented
from Woodrow Wilson. In his points the US President aimed to spread democracy in Europe while he
feared the spread of communism supported from Russia.
From point one to four he introduced more general ideas in how the world should build the foreign
policy. The first point calls for transparency and no secret alliances and other partnerships for war which
was common at that time. This point supported the idea of open diplomacy. The points two and three
deal with the free trade and freedom of seas, he argued for more freedom in trade and commerce.
Point four deals with the reduction of armed forces in the world and military disarmament. And that
countries should give adequate guarantees that they will reduce the armament to the level of necessary
and consistent with domestic safety.
The point five deals with the concept of self-determination and he believed that people have the right to
determination and governance. The aim of this point was to end up the principle of empires and to
create new states which are organized upon national and cultural lines. From point six up to the point
thirteen were specific on how to put the point of self-determination in practice. He proposed that
Austro-Hungarian empire to dismantle to create countries of Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and
Yugoslavia. The last point of the Wilson was his desire to have an association of nations which would
provide ground for solving international disputes and crises in a diplomatic way. Under this point he
proposed to create a system of security that would monitor the world peace.
Woodrow Wilson knew that his ideas would not fully be accepted from his allies but he was convinced
that if he would spread this message to masses and populations then politicians would be forced to accept his points.

International Relations

He was seen as the leader who ended the WWI while he strongly believed in
democratic values and peaceful settlement of disputes. Even though, some of his points did not make
the accomplishment because wining allies wanted to get compensated and enjoy war benefits. The
Allies agreed to Wilson plan with two reservations: the first one is the demand of the Britain not to
accept the provisions of the freedom of sea which is the second point of Wilson. The second condition
was to allow France to get compensations from Germany for its civilian damages occurred in the war.
The promise of these points helped to bring Germany to talks for peace, the treaty of Versailles and its
results were harsh for Germany where Germany was blamed for the war and was required to pay huge
The role of the Wilson Fourteen points was that they established for the first time a ground to the
diplomatic processes. However, most of the European countries continued to use nationalistic approach
which later brought to the WWII. The fourteen points cold be considered as the most powerful and
idealist expression of United States democracy.
The importance of these 14 points in international affair is significant because even idealistic at that
time created the idea that world could use other means rather than war to set up misunderstandings.
The idea of League of Nations which still exists is from Wilson and we observe even today the benefits of
the United Nations.

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