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What was the Treaty of San Stefan

Treaty of San Stefano has been signed on 3 March 1878, in San Stefano a village in Turkey. It
was a treaty that contained peace between Russia and Ottoman Empire, signed at the end of the
Turkish war. Bulgarian nationalists wished to recover the Macedonian territory from Greece and
Yugoslavia, so in this way the san Stefano frontiers were created (Newman, 49). The important
year in Balkan history, was postponed till the year of 1878, which created the Bulgarian freedom.
(Newman13). The Turks were defeated from the Russians, which made them have a treaty
between these two states named the treaty of san Stefano. And by this, the Bulgarian state was
created, involving the whole of Macedonia. San Stefan treaty of, was shred up and that Berlin
replaced. The territory of Bulgaria was drastically reduced, the integrity of the territorial
Ottoman Empire was announces as the cornerstone of European peace (Newman, 50). The quick
Germany invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia in the spring of 1941 roused nationalistic passions,
the “san Stefano frontiers “prior to the topic of the day. Hitler used to follow his usual policy of
getting all his friends thoroughly involved so than their future dependent upon a Germany
victory (Newman, 83). Even now many Bulgars still dream about San Stafano frontiers of, as
their natural right. It is important to say that although the treaty was revoked by the Great Powers

it was equally unbearable to smaller states: Greece and Serbia, for both were casting anxious
eyes on Macedonia (Newman, 51). When san Stefano’s terms became public, the European
Great Powers, and Balkan states raised a howl from that. None of the western European power,
could accept a solution that gave Russia a control of the crucial straits. It was clear that San
Stefano’s terms needed modification to continue safeguard of the European peace (Hupchick,
Cox, 266). While the berlin solution may have leaded off instantly war crisis be satisfying the
imperialist concerns of the Western European great powers, it created deep- seated
dissatisfaction among all the small Balkan states. The disintegration of San Stefano Bulgaria
struck the Bulgarians short lived national elation like a hammer blow (Hupchick, Cox, 267). In
the Bulgarian autonomous the Bulgarian nationalists Principality wanted to win back those San
Stefano territories (Macedonia, Eastern Rumelia, a part of Dobrudzha and Western Thrace), to
get away of Berlin. The Romanian nationalists wanted to have Bessarabia and all of Dobrudzha.
Leaders in Montenegro demand to Hercegovina, northern Albania, and the Sandjak of Novi
Pazar. (Hupchick, Cox, 280). The sadness over san Stefano Bulgaria’s tore at Berlin was endless
in the Bulgarian nationalists. In spite of the fact that they were forced to accept a state that was
only one/third the size of the Russian, was able to create a Greater Bulgaria, then they became
rushed in their decisiveness to win back all of the territories that they had lost. (Hupchick, Cox,
284). When the Albanians figure out that the san Stefano treaty granted extensive swaths of
Albanian inhabited lands in Macedonia to Bulgaria and in the Shkoder region to Montenegro,
they immediately realized that the treatment of Muslim Albanians placed under highly nationalist
Slavic Orthodox control would be less than Benevolent (Hupchick, Cox, 305). Russia had
obliged Turkey to sign the Treaty of San Stefano, in an effort to establish a large and loyal

treaty of stefano map

Bulgarian state, which would be instrumental for the supporter of Russia’s commercial and
strategic interests as well in the Balkans. This happened in March of 1878.
The circumstances that Treaty of San Stefano created, lead to a situation which was not
convenient for the others which made them call for an international reference. The defeating was
very big that every single of the states which were included in the treaty of San Stefano were
interested to benefit from these big rush problems. The reason that the treaty of San Stefano
became this important was because it made peace between Russia and Turkey. Bulgaria was one
of the states that benefits from this treaty. The peace of Treaty of San Stefano had conjured up
the specter of Russian domination that was conjured from the Treaty of Berlin (Yavuz, Sluget

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