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29-year-old Madeleine Westerhout shared information about the president’s family during a dinner with journalists at a hotel near her golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, without saying that her statements were ‘off the record’.

She had been at Donald Trump’s side since he joined the White House. However, the personal assistant of the American president, Madeleine Westerhout, 29, has resigned. This was reported by an informed source to CNN, confirming the first rumors about it released by the New York Times. She had unlimited access to Trump’s life, which would be furious. Westerhout had to leave his post after the president learned that she had shared information about his family and the White House during a dinner with journalists at a hotel near his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, without pre-empting that her statements were ‘off the record’, not publishable. The president, therefore, disputed the violation of the confidentiality agreement. For Trump, a former official of the White House reminded CNN, the news about his private life is a red line.

Trump's office
Trump’s office

Westerhout’s resignation became viral on international social media. The 29-year-old, who had already worked for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, had then earned the president’s confidence (despite being told that she had cried in shock the night of her election) who had hired her as a personal assistant giving her complete access to him, to his family and the Oval Office.

She was often photographed as she accompanied visitors to the Trump Tower lobby, and just as often shared photos of her life in the west wing, including presidential travel or Trump’s properties, on her private Instagram account. In February, she had tweeted fiercely against a “shameful breach of trust” after the president’s private programs leaked to the American news site Axios. However, his recent New Jersey dinner is nothing new. It is not the first time that Westerhout is accused of “gossiping” with members of the press. As a special assistant to the president, she earned about $ 145,000 a year.

Trump held her in high esteem. According to the Washington Post, he would also mention its importance during a phone call with journalist Bob Woodward in September 2018. “Did you talk to Madeleine? Madeleine is the key. She is the secret.”

Trump and his now former secretary
Trump and his now-former secretary

Her resignation is just another departure of a series of departures by many other high-ranking officials. This shows the President’s battle against any leaks out of the White House, and it shows also his campaign against the press.

There has never been a time in the history of our country that the media was so fraudulent, fake, or corrupt! – Trump wrote Wednesday night


Before joining the White House and the Trump administration, Madeleine was the assistant Katie Walsh. Katie Walsh later became an adviser to Trump. During this role, Madeleine was often seen with key members of Trump’s team during the Trump lobby. Madeleine Westerhout is one of 6 White House officials that have been found violating the Hatch Act in 2018.

Seems like, from the beginning, Westerhout was seen by other officials of White House like a spy, who used her proximity to Trump to curry favor with his detractors, and the dinner was not the first time she misused her duty, by gossiping while reporters present. Other White House officials found her to be a divisive personality, others suspected her to be disloyal to Trump.

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